SEO and startups

SEO and startups

First, we must clarify the meaning of SEO?

It is an abbreviation for the word search engine optimization It is a cheap and effective type of web page marketing to increase customer knowledge of your product and startup It is also called  seo marketing

Why should startups turn to SEO?

Search engine optimization Which answers your company must follow  Because :

·         Cheap and continuous, unlike advertisements that cost your budget a lot

·         There are studies that have proven that customers trust free results more than paid ads

·         Ensure your presence at the top of search engines


How can the SEO principle be applied?

By dealing with and understanding Google algorithms, following a search engine optimization strategy and waiting for its results    

But let me ask you a question?

Is it possible for the strategy to fail or for someone who is not a search engine specialist to be responsible for it? Of course yes, and this entails waiting another period to develop another strategy that suits your company, and this means more time, effort and money.

We at Neosh have a team of SEO specialists with a high amount of information and experience to design a strategy for your company, provide SEO services for your company, and create a wonderful marketing plan that guarantees you leadership in your field and achieving profits, which is what all startup companies strive for. 


First, let’s show you how our team works

First, we work to improve the web site, and this is called SEO web site, and it is divided into on-page, technical page, and off-page.


How can we improve SEO on Page?

It is one of the three ways to improve and it is called on-page SEO

  • Writing content that contains keywords that ensure a presence in the first results in Google rankings
  • Internal links are concerned with linking pages together and increasing page indexing
  • Put keywords in the url
  • Check and fix problems with pages not being indexed and create a description for them
  • Improve image

How can we improve seo technical page?

  • Create robots.txt file
  • Create sitemap It helps Google’s search spiders crawl, which increases the chance of pages being indexed
  • Create SSL so that your website is secure, which contributes to increasing search engines on your website and thus more visits to your website and ranking it at the top of search engines.
  • We make your website compatible with mobile phones. This is because a study proved that the percentage of using mobile phones for browsing has increased in the past ten years by a rate of forty percent, and this is a very large percentage that should not be lost.

How can we improve seo off-page?

By creating external links that have high authority, which increases the authority of the site

If you see how complex the process is and requires time, do not worry and reach out to us. We are the Nosh team, a team specialized in digital marketing and managing social media pages. We develop unique marketing plans because they are designed to suit your company. Also, our team has experience in designing mobile applications and designing websites.

Design and cloud computing allow users to access virtual computing resources, such as virtual machines, databases, online applications, and Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery.

neoSH may provide cloud-based backup and disaster recovery solutions that allow businesses to securely store their data offsite and many other services they are distinguished by

Do not hesitate to contact us. We are ready to respond to your inquiries 24 hours a day and help you find a solution to the problems you face, because the Neosh team’s first goal is to help our customers.

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